Include digestives in your meals to improve digestion

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Digestion plays a very important role in weight loss. Body functions like digestion and weight loss are linked with appetite, and their smooth functioning can help you stay healthy. In the winter season, certain vegetables and foods we eat can make us feel bloated, and take a toll on our digestion, and slow down the weight loss process.

Spices and other condiments in the kitchen can come to our rescue in such a scene. Certain foods, churans, spices, etc. are digestives which can help in keeping our digestion healthy, and our weight loss process at the right pace.

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Some digestives are added to our food, while some are eaten after the meal. The only reason this is done is that all of them have a distinct flavour and taste. Some flavours taste well with the food being cooked, while some do not. For instance, hing or asafoetida is a primary ingredient in a lot of curries and vegetables in Indian cooking. This is because it helps reduce bloating and problems of gas, and aids digestion.

In some curries, vegetables, and other preparations, we find many other condiments like ajwain (carrom seeds), saunf (fennel seeds), anardana (dry mango powder), saunth (dry ginger powder) and others as the taste and flavour of these digestives goes well with specific preparation.