Indian travel freaks sold their house to explore the world: Nat Geo


Passion knows no boundaries and when you have a partner who is equally excited to accompany you and travel the world, the excitement could not be contained. Meet India’s top travel bloggers, Sandeepa and Chetan who sold their house just to travel the world and exploring new places.


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Sandeepa was basically involved in the micro-computers and circuit-boards arena whereas Chetan had switched different jobs in last few years from from animation to print to web to advertising and so on but finally the couple decided to quit their jobs and explore the world.

According to the couple, they got mixed reactions from their families. Few said,” This is amazing! Go for it’ whereas others were too concerned about their future kids and advised not to take such a step as this is the time for them to have kids.


Further they said that since there was no way to generate that much amount of money so they decided to sell their house and pursue their dream of exploring the world.


The exciting thing is that the couple got featured on National geographic and Yahoo Travel due to their daring and ambitious trip.


The couple tried to sum up their funniest experience during the whole trip when asked by a blogger. They said that while they were in Sucre, Bolivia, they literally had no knowledge about Spanish language, all they knew at that point of time was that the chicken is known as “pollo” in Spanish, so the couple went to a restaurant and asked for pollo. The girl walked to them and started making weird gestures basically trying to confirm whether they want legs, chicken breast or wings. They said that every time they think of that incident, it really make them laugh hard.


And if you think they are just travel bloggers, let me tell you that is not the case, they have the skills to capture nature’s beauty in their cameras as well. Kindly have a look on the beautiful pictures they took during their amazing trip.

The spectacular Machu Pichu ruins sitting in between the valleys leading to Amazon on one side and the high Andes on the other side.


The beautiful Perito Moreno Glacier, El Calafate in Argentina


The amazing artists performing near Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 


Have a look at the houses along the lake in Bariloche, Argentina.


One could not explain the fun this couple might had  while watching the sunrise like that in Bolivia


It was not a smooth ride for them as there were times when their ATM cards did not work and they had no cash and at that time they even thought of ditching the trip and returning home but they did not gave up their plans.

  Chetan believes that for few people travelling is a retirement plan but for them travelling and photography is a way of living life.

Now the couple have plans to travel to New Zealand.

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