Inquiry ordered for unhygienic food being given at Quarantine centre


Baramulla, June 3: No doubts lot of inmates in different quarantine centres had questioned administration over its arrangement & food etc etc but now, inmates at a quarantine facility at Saint Joseph School, Baramulla have alleged that they are being served unhygienic food while as the staff working at the kitchen serving the meals works without masks and gloves.

A video, which went viral from the inside of the quarantine centre shows how unhygienic food is given to the inmates in Baramulla. The inmates alleged that it is being said by the Government that all arrangements have been made in the quarantine centres of Kashmir, but in reality, something else is happening.

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Taking note of video, the Deputy Commissioner, Baramulla ordered an inquiry into the matter to be conducted by Adl. Deputy Commissioner within 2 days.

He also took note of the issue how did the media person who shot the video made it to the quarantine facility. More importantly, how did he converse with the inmates who are COVID-19 suspects.

A video uploaded by a person working for a particular news portal has gone viral on social media. In the video it has been depicted that hygienic conditions are not being maintained in the preparation of food served in administrative quarantine centre at Saint Joseph School Baramulla.

It further reads that it has also been shown in the video that some patients in quarantine centre have alleged that food is not being provided as per the menu.

Further, DC stated that the inquiry officer shall also look into the matter as to how the media team has been allowed inside the quarantine centres and to directly interact with the suspect COVID patients is breach of protocol prescribed on the subject.

Assistant Director, FCS&CA Baramulla and Dy. SP Security, Quarantine Centres have been asked to assist the inquiry officer in this matter.