Is Jammu turning into a gas chamber like Delhi?


New Delhi, the capital of India has broken all the levels of pollution and has turned into gas chamber that is not safe for living. Efforts are being made to reduce the pollution but still no conclusion has been taken out.

We all are criticizing Delhi and government for the cause of pollution but has anybody thought that Jammu might be turning to a gas chamber like Delhi. To make their life easy and comfy, everybody now a days like to travel in their own vehicle rather than public transport. Nobody is concerned about the risk of air pollution.

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With the uncontrolled vehicular growth and less plantation of trees the air pollution is rising at an alarming rate. Yes Jammu is becoming the gas chamber unsuitable for living. The biggest cause of the pollution are vehicles, destruction of forest areas surrounding Jammu and Srinagar for expanding habitation, brick kilns, use of firewood and dust generated by construction and developmental activities.

Question also arises that has government taken any action regarding this serious issue? If yes, then why nothing has changed and why no preventive measures has been taken.

Nature has started giving the yellow warning and if no action is taken then the city will witness higher level of diseases like lung cancer etc.

Now everything depends on us. Whether we would like to see our city pollution free and green or under the dark side of nature.