Jaish Terrorists Looking for Suicide Attack, Two Teams of 10 Terrorists Infiltrated from across Border


Pakistani terrorist organization Jaish-e-Mohammed plans to carry out major suicide attacks in Jammu, Kashmir, and other parts of India. According to sources, two teams of 10 Jaish terrorists have infiltrated from across the border. After this, intelligence agencies have issued an alert. However, the army has denied the information about any such infiltration. According to the report, one team has infiltrated from the Punjab and Jammu border adjoining the Sakkargarh area of ​​Pakistan.

In contrast, the other team has infiltrated PoJK from Poonch LoC. These terrorists belong to Jaish-e-Mohammed and are thoroughly tested. They have received orders from masters sitting in Pakistan to carry out suicide attacks at different places.

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Terrorists have failed to carry out any major attack in the last two years. Due to this, Pakistani intelligence agency ISI has ordered to attack the organization of Jaish-e-Mohammed at any cost. The infiltrating parties are planning to launch a significant attack. Preventing infiltration along the LoC and the border in winter is always a big challenge. Because the monitoring equipment also works less due to bad weather.

At present, there is no information on infiltration. Although there are some areas of Poonch, there is always a challenge of infiltration from here. There is a fast deployment of the army, and infiltration is monitored. Terrorist organizations Jaish-e-Mohammed and Lashkar-e-Taiba present in Pakistan are also in contact with Taliban terrorists. So that with their help, attacks can be carried out in Kashmir. – Colonel Devendra Anand, Spokesperson, Jammu, Indian Army.