Jammu and Kashmir Bar Elections 2017: Meet the nominees


After Chamber, Bar advocates in an election fury: Bar association elections

The elections of the Bar Association have been scheduled to be 12th of April 2017, in which a new team of BAR members will be constituted.
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The Bar association includes various posts like President, Vice President, General Sect., Joint Sect. and cashier. The present Bar association team includes Advocate Abhinav Sharma(President), Advocate Pranav Kohli (Vice President), Advocate A.P.singh (Gen.Sect.), Advocate Depesh Singh (Joint Sect.), Advocate Rahul Sharma (Cashier). Election will be held on 12th of this month and the voting timing will be from 10 AM to 4PM, total number of voters are 2200 approx.
Now till date, the nominations for these respective posts received by the Bar are as under:
For the post of President:
Advocate B.S.Salathia
Advocate S.K.Sukla
Advocate Sheikh Shakeel
For the post of Vice president:
Advocate Dewakar Sharma
Advocate Yasir Tak
Advocate J.P.Nanda
Advocate Ajay gandotra
Advocate Sachin Gupta
Advocate Ajay kotwal
For the post of General secretary:
Advocate vinod Sahni
Advocate Abhishek wazir
Advocate Prem Sadotra
For the post of Joint secretary:
Advocate Adhitya sharma
Advocate S.P.Mengi
Advocate Zahida Parveen
Advocate Himanshu Sharma
For the post of Cashier:
Advocate Ashok Kumar Misri
Advocate Abhinav Sharma presently president of bar association is also the Returning officer for the bar association election 2017. As per the constitution of the Bar, the election is being held after 2 years. The last date of the nomination will be 8th of April 2017.
On 8th of april the open discussion will also be programmed by the advocates in which all the candidates will disclose their agendas and view point in front of all the lawyers.
On the sideline of the election of bar association, there is some misunderstanding regarding weather the new members of the association who joined after 1st jan 2016 will be allowed to vote or not, as the general house meeting of the Bar association decided that all these new lawyers don’t have the voting rights but still the final decision has been put on hold, as of now.
The president of the young lawyers association, Advocate Daljeet Singh manhas said that this is very unfortunate that new members have no right to vote but we will try our best to get someassurance from the association and if they will not get the rights, the only path for them will be protest against the association.