Jammu boy set to make his big screen debut with ‘ISIS-Enemies of humanity’: Who is he?


Yuvraj Kumar’s, ISIS Enemies of Humanity is an upcoming Bollywood movie that talks about the functioning of terrorist group, ISIS that has been spreading terror across the globe. The film outlines the sheer importance of Islam in its purest form and defies the Islam which is projected by anti-social elements of the world.

 But the new is that a Jammu boy, Mohsin Bhat, from a small village of Kishtwar is set to make his debut with the much-awaited movie.
U4UVoice speaks to the man himself –

1. Tell me about your Journey from small town Kishtwar to city of dreams Mumbai?

Hmm If I start talking about the entire journey From paddar(Kishtwar) to mumbai trust me it will take ages to finish 😊 however a village boy who had not even experienced electricity, motor vehicles, television, phones etc throughout my teen age but yes life started teaching me when I finished my school in paddar and moved to jammu city for my further studied, spending few years in jammu where trend is that everyone wants to get into government jobs after studies, with me it was little diff I was very much fascinated with huge corporate offices or private companies, that brought me to Delhi. Delhi played very important role in my life where I learned to socialise, to. Communicate, importance of education,   and yes most importantly theatres in Mandi House (Delhi). I kept associated with theatres and ultimately gathered the courage to make it to the city of dreams. And here it has been mixture of ups and downs and life is teaching and making me stronger everyday.

2.  About ur family, education and also how supportive is your family?

I come from a very close knit family, my father works for state Govt. Mom is homemaker, we are five siblings, Two of the three sisters are happily married, my younger brother Babar Bhat is aspiring singer. They are extremely supportive I know we miss each other a lot, at times I miss few events occasions in the family bcz of my work or being away however they always compromise understand and pushed me to chase my dreams.

3. What is your message for the youngsters who want to explore them self in this field?

The best thing about this generation is, they know what they want from life which was lacking few years back. But yes if you wanto make it into acting it’s a wonderful field to explore your creativity, it asks for a lot of dedication, self confidence and patience. If you have it go for it.
4. Your film is ready to rock the screen this month, tell something about this film and your experience with the whole crew?
“ISIS enemies of humanity” this film is very close to my heart, my character in the film is a guy from hills and big portion of the movie is shot in mountains of Himachal, Jammu and Kashmir that kinda helped me deliver as an actor and yes the entire cast and crew was amazing it taught me a lot especially working with seniors like Rashid Naz and Rahul Dev sir.

5.  Anything else you want to convey from your side via our web portal?

I always miss my native my family my friends however thanks to technology it keeps us connected updated and going.

6. Do u miss ur birth place Kishtwar?

There is always a force which drives everything they call them fans I call them friends, sorry guys at times I can’t reply to all your questions on facebook etc. But I love you all.

7.  Any message for ur fans in Jammu and Kashmir?

First of all I am greatful to u4uvoive that keeps me updated from J&K. Yes there is something which hurts me when I read so much of negativity in the name of religion or region on social media, guys learn politics as a subject don’t take it to your heat, there is nothing bigger then humanity  Spread love and happiness. Thank you.