Jammu: Overloaded matadors put passengers’ lives at risk


Citizen picture by Romit Sharma

JAMMU: This is not just the scene of the roads of reasi but people hanging with door, at the back and sitting on the roof tops is a most common scene at every corner of Jammu and Kashmir.

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Bus and Matador operators are making money by overloading; risking the lives of innocent people but it seems as if the Traffic Police is sleeping over this important issue.

Despite clear directions by the government banning overloading in passenger vehicles, J&K traffic police has failed to take strict measures against the violators. There seems some understanding between the traffic police and bus and matador operators because of which the practice is going on.

According to sources, the Motor Vehicles Department of Jammu has passed mini buses with the maximum seating capacity of 23 people inside the city area and 15 people on the outskirts like Janipur, Muthi, Narwal etc. But accommodating more than 70 passengers per drive is a very common practice in these mini buses.

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