Jammu’s drug menace and the fearless groupies


By Citizen Journalist Akshay Pandoh 

September 21: First of all, don’t be fooled by the boys in the picture, they are not from outside the state. All three of them speak in clear Dogri and belong to different parts of Jammu city. These three were spotted near the railway station and were smoking marijuana (ganja).

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We actually clicked a few pictures of these boys and instead of running away, they all started laughing and even posed for more. Seeing their fearlessness. we approached them and spoke to them.

“What is there to be scared of,” said the one on extreme right adding, “You think the cops don’t know?”

“Do you want some?” asked the guy and started laughing again.

He pointed us to another spot where there were more such young boys indulging in drugs of one or the other form and had no fear.

It was difficult to believe, we were in Jammu, seeing the sight. What are the authorities doing? These guys become peddlers and as it is Jammu is fast getting consumed by drugs. Why is no one clearing this mess?


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