Jammu’s own Super Girl- Aarti Mahajan Dingra


 By Akanksha Gupta 

Born and brought up in Jammu, Aarti’s only dream as a kid was to become a business tycoon and it was this desire only that made Aarti leave a well paid job in Punjab and come back to Jammu.

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In the middle of a workshop
In the middle of a workshop

She was MBA in Finance and Marketing from SMVDU, Katra. Aarti got placed in a company like Reliance but only after 5 months, she left the hefty package and switched to entrepreneurship.

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“Fitness has always been my passion and interest but coming up with a fitness centre was my father’s idea. In the beginning, I hired some trainers but gradually I developed interest in training by myself. ”

U4UVoice asked why she chose such male dominating sector to work in? She replied, “the challenge that it is a male dominating.

“Also, the women in Jammu always feel hesitates in joining fitness centres because there are only male trainers and I joined this sector to help women in the city in living a healthy and happy life,” she added.

Aarti and her happy club
Aarti and her happy club

Aarti is the first and only fitness trainer in Jammu with certifications in training packages like HIIT, Step Reebok, Reebok Core Pilates, Reebok Marshal Arts, Doonya-the bollywood dance workout and Zumba.

What makes Aarti Mahajan’s Shape and Smile Fitness centre different from other gymnasiums in Jammu is that it is not a hard core gym, but a more of a women’s club where ladies not even work out but spend some good and peaceful time.  Here we did not stress upon slimming of ladies but we strengthen up their healthy and happy lifestyle.

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Besides a fitness expert, Aarti Mahajan is an inspiration for the women of Jammu. Talking about the best part of his work, she said, “It feels great when people come to me & share their happiness after losing weight & all those compliments that they get. People idolize me these days. They want to be like me. And trust me that feeling is great and take you on top of this world.

Besides, Aarti is a typical Jammu girl who loves going for shopping and sleeping. She is adored for her smile. These days, Aarti is busy maintaining a balance between her first love (her work) and the family she is married into last year only.  Recently, she has been appointed as the member of BJP’s ‘Beti Bchao-Beti Padao’ campaign.

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Jammu's own Super Girl- Aarti Mahajan Dingra
Aarti loves working for the deprived section of society

In her message to Jammuites, Aarti said, “Everybody loves healthy & fit life. And healthy mind leads to a healthy body. Put your mind, soul & heart into keeping fit. Workout only if you can enjoy it. Always Remember, having a healthy lifestyle is very important.

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