J&K BJP looks to punish recalcitrant officials, RSS moves towards scrapping 370


Row over Article 370 escalatesIf sources are to believed then officers who were involved in overzealously curbing the 2008 Amarnath Agitaton in Jammu could face the music in the coming months if state BJP has it’s say with the union government. It is believed that J&K BJP has raised the matter with central party leadership over the conduct of some police officials and bureaucrats during the Amarnath Agitation which had brought Jammu region to almost a standstill for two months. BJP leaders say that those involved in perpetrating atrocities and insulting the agitators have been rewarded by the Omar Abdullah government. Sources say that a list of officers has also been drawn who are believed to be responsible for ordering firing at several places in Jammu region. There is also a strong feeling in the party leadership that Justice GD Sharma Inquiry Commission report should be implemented. The report which has not been made public is said to critical of certain officers who seem to have acted in haste to appease the Kashmiri leadership.

Meanwhile even as J&K BJP plans for getting offenders punished, the RSS seems to have gone an offensive across the country to create a movement for getting Article 370 scrapped in Jammu and Kashmir. Senior RSS leader Indresh Kumar, who also heads an NGO on security has launched a nationwide campaign to create awaresness among the masses about the relevance of Article 370. Speaking at one such seminar, the RSS leader said that this article is a symbol of disunity in the country, and is responsible for the backwardness of Jammu and Kashmir. He said that only the Abdullah family, and certain other political families of the state have benefitted from Article 370 as it has perpetuated their dynastic rule. “We are not saying scrap it but there is need to discuss the pros and cons”, he asserted.