J&K Exclusive : The Uncivilized version of State Assemblies, Do We Deserve This.. A Reality Check


Every society contains certain rules that govern the behavior of its members. These rules over a period of time become customs.

There are customs for greetings, dress, eating, social gatherings, formal rituals such as religious services and holidays.

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Behaving within the tenets of a custom is considered, “polite.” Breaking customary boundaries is generally, “rude.”

Though eating with one’s fingers is acceptable in some societies, it is lacking in etiquette elsewhere. Similarly, belching aloud following a good meal can either be a compliment…or an indication of poor breeding.

Generally, in our society, people who break the rules of what we consider civilized behavior are called, “boors.” But not everyone can afford being called that since many of us are of not a very common stratum.

Where politicians emit an impression of being ones with the intentions of being the voice of the public and try to be that entity who builds up the bridge between the commoners and growth, it has become an upcoming trend to see all sorts of uncivilized behavior by the political representatives in the assemblies.

Blaring and blabbering, these politicians do not even realize that they are supposed to put up those points which will in the development of the country and meet the needs of public. But all they do there is fighting over those aspects which somehow benefit their own desires.

They raise their voice over what is of their interest. Creating chaos in assemblies is the new trend setter.

We as citizens have so terribly failed in choosing our representatives that it has become a traumatic investment which we cannot come out of that easily.

Politicians who sit in the assemblies are one of the most important parts of our democratic pillars but Alas are the most unsophisticated! One cannot even image comparing the Indian house of assembly with that of any other country.

British parliament which is the supreme legislative body of the UK, or talk about any other country, everything is so cultivated and personifies sophistication.

You can hear even if a pin falls on the floor, because they have given high priority to discipline by maintaining decorum and understand the value of opinions.

They are patient listeners and calm speakers whereas our assembly houses are no better than wrestle rings. And walking out is a casual thing now a days.  In what direction is our country moving with the lead in the hold of people who are supposed to be role models for the rest but.

This behavior of clumsiness with a mission completely portrays very poor state of mind. The most severe form of rude, boorish behavior, individuals in this category deliberately engage in nuisance behaviors for the purpose of annoyance or embarrassment.

For example, a person may displace toward the other, offensive behavior originally intend- ed for another. Perhaps the person, feeling powerless in the presence of the true offender, may experience some relief of tension by venting the wrath the way.

Often, simply ignoring such a boor makes them a less than desirable target. Should this fail to produce the desired result, it is imperative to be diplomatic but unyielding while informing the individual of the negative consequences which may ensue.

Effectively handling rude behavior is a function of the strategies used to bring such behavior to the attention of the offending person.

In effect, civilization has appropriate ways of expressing its discontent. So what we expect is a better pact of representatives who give rebuttals in a more proficient and civilized manner, realizing that they are the movers and shakers of the nation and they are not letting out a very good image of themselves as a whole by behaving this way and creating such havoc during the assemblies!