JK Govt extends Excise Policy for three months


Government extended Excise Policy 2019-20 for three months i.e upto June 30, 2020.

“In SRO 128 dated February 25, 2019 for words and figures ’31st March, 2020′ wherever appearing the notification, the words and figures ’30th June, 2020′ shall be substituted,” reads the SO 112 notification issued by Dr. Arun Kumar Mehta, Financial Commissioner, Finance Department

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The SRO 128 notification issued earlier reads, “The Excise Policy 2019-20 enunciated as hereunder will come into force on 26th of February, 2019 and shall continue to remain in force till 31st March, 2020. However, the State Government may revisit and revise the same at any point during the course of the year if the emergent situation warrants so.”