J&K govt terminates nine teachers from their services


The government has terminated nine teachers of School Education Department from the services for remaining absent un-authorizedly.

In the order issued by the Director of School Education Kashmir (DSEK), said that these teachers have been remaining absent unauthorized from their legitimate duties.

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One of the orders issued by the DSEK on Wednesday, “A teacher (Name withheld) was appointed in the department on July-28-2017 under PM’s package and subsequently posted in middle school Moti Mohalla Zone Nishat District Srinagar.”

“The teacher continued on the post just for three months upto October-2017 and thereafter remained un-authorizedly absent from duties from November-01-2017, without completion of probation period,” it reads.

The director said that the teacher was provided enough opportunities to resume his duties by the Drawing and Disbursing officer concerned on 16/11/2017 followed by another notices on 20/01/2018 and 13/03/2018 to resume his legitimate duties but failed to do so and continued to remain absent from his legitimate duties.

“The teacher was again provided an opportunity on 09/04/2021 and 06/07/2021 (through a Joint Show cause notice) asking therein to present himself before this Directorate along with a statement of defense within a period of 10 days but the teacher didn’t respond to these notices.” It reads.

“Un-authorized absence from duties attracts action as warranted in terms of Article 128 of J&K Civil Services rules of 1956.

“The issue was placed before the Designated Committee in its meeting held on 27/10/2021 and after examining the case the committee took the decision to process for termination of his services under Article 128 of CSR Vol-I

“Now, therefore, pursuant to the decision of the committee the teacher is hereby removed from Government service in terms of Article 128 of J&K Civil Services Rules (Volume I) of 1956 read with rule 30(vii) of J&KCCA Rules 1956,” it reads.

Similarly, other separate orders of termination of teachers were issued by the DSEK