J&K has almost double the smokers compared to India, worst affected by passive smoking


Jammu and Kashmir has ended with the dubious distinction of having double the cigarette smokers in the state compared to the entire country. While there are twelve per cent smokers in the state, the number is almost double of 5.7 per cent smokers across the country. The data has been released by the Union Health Ministry.

The Global Adult Tobacco Survey released by the health ministry further revealed that almost twenty seven per cent of population in J&K uses tobacco products in one form or the other.

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Another startling revelation made by the survey is that almost 68 per cent proportion of adults is exposed to passive smoking whereas the least number of people affected by passive smoking is Chandigarh at fifteen per cent.

The high rate of smoking in offices, and use of tobacco in public places is despite the fact that almost twenty three thousand people have been booked and fined under Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act (COTPA) in the last two years in the state.

The police has also collected a fine of Rs twenty one lakhs and fifty thousand from the offenders.

In fact the police department is considering to take serious measures against public smoking in the state.