J&K : The failure of Government Hospitals

Excelsior Rakesh

Government hospitals have always and sustainable been one of the most unsatisfying and outdated structures of governmental structures.

Whole country is the prey of this failure as a medical entity. Our country is unfortunately very much deprived of all upgraded facilities in the field of health just like many other aspects. Underprivileged people have no option but to reach out these government hospitals which are always unstaffed and have nothing to do with hygiene.

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When we bring villages under notice, it would not be very easy to find many of them with well facilitated medical hubs.

In fact there are villages with poor connectivity of roads where it is also very difficult for patients to reach out the nearest hospitals on time. If they do, they are harassed mentally by not getting proper facility.

If we see this whole scenario through a wider prism, it would be very hard to decide as to what aspect should be held on and who is to be blamed. What exactly is the main issue, having lesser hospitals or having hospitals with lesser facilities? What so ever the failures are, it’s the commoners who are suffering.

Government is supposed to be the structure who tries to pacify the needs of the countrymen. Despite India’s impressive economic progress, its dysfunctional public health system continues to pose a grave threat to the health of Indian patients.

Patients in public hospitals frequently sleep two to a bed. Hospitals have low supplies of medical devices, forcing many patient families to buy their own. Some families have claimed to spend up to several thousand dollars of their own money on medical supplies. In addition, many of the hospital supplies are not properly sanitized.

Hence, bacterial contamination is prevalent.

This is something quite normal in government hospitals. One of the biggest drawbacks of these hospitals is the lack of staff. For a regular man it is just the unavailability of staff. For patients it’s a huge inconvenience and for those who have the actual understanding know how vast scam it is.

The unavailability of doctors is the not just what it seems like, it consists of those heavy pocket people who can buy jobs and be their best version by not doing what they are being paid for. Again it is the failure of our government and us as citizens who are the reason behind this surplus increase of population which has no control over, which makes it more than difficult to carter them in government hospitals.

Another thing that is making us to add on to the issue is the careless and ignorant attitude towards the sanitation of hospitals. People fail to understand and value the fact that these hospitals are meant for us and belong to us. We should maintain the cleanliness in the most civilized way.

People sleep and eat wherever they please and dispose the waste without understanding the need for maintaining cleanliness. Every drop of contribution counts if we actually wish the hospitals to come out of this grim.