JMC raid on Barkers Den hits the dream of a women entrepreneur

Jammu: Entrepreneurs in India are already a species which is rarely found but even if someone has the courage, and ability to fight the circumstances and set up a venture, the system raises it’s ugly head to destroy the dreams and aspirations of someone who wants to do something different. And if the entrepreneur is a woman then it is even more difficult for her to manage the system which is slow, lethargic, and prone to corruption.
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In Jammu, something similar happened when a team of JMC officials raided the premises of Barkers Den at Bahu Plaza without issuing any prior notice. Sitara Samnotra, who has started this innovative venture to take care of the pets in Jammu was surprised that the team of JMC officials acted in haste and forcibly lifted products and equipment worth more than Rs 100,000/- without even issuing a proper receipt or seizure memo.
The owner says that though they appreciate the visit of JMC officials to educate them about the lapses of JMC guidelines, but the manner in which the officials acted was not right as she has been a law abiding citizen, who has not broken law ever. She claims that despite asking for lapses, and violations which may have been committed unknowingly the JMC officials did not listen to her.
She strongly refuted the official JMC handout earlier given in the media about a pet being rescued, instead the pet was virtually ‘seized’ by the officials inspite of her repeated request not to take away the pet till the pet owner arrived.
 ‘We were thrilled and happy in the morning while leaving our pet to get groomed and pampered at the centre, which soon turned into a nightmare by afternoon courtesy JMC officials, who took the pet from the grooming centre to their official dog  facility centre which was uncalled for’ alleges the pet owner.