Kashmiris prefer different kinds of breads during the month of Ramadan


rotiCome Ramadan and the sale of bread and bakery begins to pick up in Kashmir. In Ramadan the traditional bread becomes the favourite – which cannot be replaced by anything else. The sales of bread almost doubles in Ramadan as everyone in Kashmir prefers it.

People prefer bread as it is taken most often these days – first it is consumed at the time of Iftar, fast breaking time, then taken with tea during late hours on night and also with tea that is taken at Suhoor – a predawn meal.

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During this month bakers around in Kashmir make different types of bread – which includes ghaiw’dar czot or bread made with ghee, poppy layered bread, small sized bread or girda, large sized crispy bread, there are some breads with are layered with sesame seeds and these special types of breads are made on orders. There are some which are prepared specially in this month only.

“Yes, people like to have variety in this month. We get orders to prepare different types of bread. Normal breads aren’t consumed much in this month,” says Mohammad Shafi, a traditional baker.

According to people taste go through a change during Ramadan and to savour the taste buds people order changes in the bread as per their requirement.

“During Ramadan a change is a must,” says Shazia, a homemaker.

However, there are some complaints from certain sections of the society that price of bread goes high during this month.

“The rate of bread fluctuates area wise. In some areas it is Rs 5 and in another its 10. The prices should be regulated as not everyone can afford to buy a simple bread for this much, says Ali Mohammad, a resident.

And to check this authorities are conducting regular market checkups these days so that shopkeepers stop fleecing the customers during this month.

Lubna Reshi