Kulghad residents near Acchabal, Kashmir face water scarcity


waterkashmirThe Kulghad village in South Kashmir’s Acchabal town is suffereing from water scarcity from last two months. The villagers say that they have tolerated the issue for all these months but their problems have multiplied since the beginning of Ramadhan.

“We don’t get a drop of water. Initially the problem wasn’t much grave but from the beginning of this month things are going from bad to worse,” says Hamida, a resident. Residents at this place say that they are a few kilometre away from main Acchabal town – which never face any such problem.

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“It is strange that one area gets water while other reels under problems,” the residents here add. The further say that they have to travel miles while fasting to fetch the water.
The residents here also maintain that PHE officials never pay them a visit. “We never see them coming to this place. We are suffering each moment but none bother to take a lead,” Hamida says.

Lubna Reshi