Navratri which marks the commencing of autumn, is celebrated throughout the nation in varied manners, following varied rituals and worshiping ways. For a festival so identical the cuisine also plays a specific role. Celebrations are circled around rituals of worshiping in certain manner,dancing, various cultural programs of music and performances. One of the major rituals of Navratri is the fasting that people observe following a strict regime of what to eat and what not to eat.

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The Navratri asceticism is observed from the first day to the ninth, most people confine themselves to just fruits during these nights and some take just one meal a day. Consumption of Onion and Garlic is abstained for the entire duration of Navratri and even non-vegetarian food is also averted. Yet the options are not less,the widely famous aspects of this cuisine are Kutu ki Puri, Singhadey ka Halwa, Sabudana puri, vrat ke chawal, aloo pulao, aloo ki sabzi.  thali

All restaurants and food courts come up with specific Navratri menus innovating new dishes to gratify the urge of fasting foodies. You can indulge into the ethnic flavors of peculiar Utsav Thalis, numerous contemporary platters especially served during this festive season. Need not to worry on the name of fasting and its strict following as there is an equivalent oddity and novelty present in the various inventive dishes offered during the festival to pacify your hunger roars. Here are a few options that you can delve into, this season, with added flavours
You don’t always have to restrict yourself to the age old aloo ki sabzi this navratra. Sabodana,potato,chillies and coriander, this is all you need for this mouth watering trial. Serve hot with lemon wedges and there you go all set to pacify your hunger pangs even during fasting.
kuttu ki puri2.KUTTU KI PURI
Cereals take a backseat for a few days and comes the time of having this staple navratri dish. Easy,feasible and yet so craved ,taking hardly 20 minutes of your day this one will complete your fasting with an essence lasting for the whole day. Serve it with yogurt or your favorite aloo ki sabzi,it works with all.
September is incomplete without pakoras and fasting can’t stop you either. For the love of deep fried delicacies this is the best option for your happy evenings. Add a few slices of potatoes and colocasia in the batter and it is yummier than ever.
This is your delectable alternative for pulao.Tomatoes, potatoes, green chilli, peanuts, coriander,subtly fried and served hot with a steaming essence of ghee. Yes this is as appealing as it looks. Add coriander leaves while serving and you can jump into the pool of mouth dripping flavors.
Khoya_khubani_kebab5.KHOYA KHUBANI KEBABS
This can add more exclusiveness to your navratri menu-simple and perhaps a new addition to your regular menu for the season. Apricots, ginger, chili, coriander stuffed in a mixture of raw bananas and potatoes and shallow fried for a few minutes. A totally exotic dish to leave you captivated with its intense essence. So don’t bind yourself to the typical menu, add a few more flavors and you wont be in dearth of yummi-ness in navratri days anymore.
Every festival is incomplete without an addition of desserts in your menu, So navratri days are no less than your usual days when you can pacify your sweet tooth. 10 minutes is all this will take to let the taste linger on your taste-buds for hours. The goodness of milk and the aroma of coconut, good enough to leave you hankering for this one.
-kulhad-ki-kheer7.KHULHAD KI KHEER
And Yes even the dessert menu is not as short as you might be expecting, there is always more for every body. So this one can be had with plentiful dry fruits, served in Kulhads, cold and topped with rose petals and elaichi powder. What are you waiting for?

So savor the season of zeal and excitement with ethnicity, glittered days of cultural performances and the innovative cuisine to relish into the rich Indian essence of feisty celebrations.