Leopard Gets Electrocuted in Telangana! Shocking Pictures of Dead Wild Animal Hanging From Electric Pole go Viral


In an unfortunate or rather shocking incident, a male leopard climbed an electric pole and got electrocuted in Nizamabad district of Telangana. The dead body was the big wild cat was found entangled in wires as seen in the pictures going viral in the news. The saddening incident occurred in Mallaram Forest area when the leopard had strayed into the human habitation. As the locals alerted the forest officials, the ferocious wild animal climbed the electric pole where it died of electrocution. The photos of the carcass of animal hanging from the pole are bound to break your heart.

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On a number of occasions, we have come across the news of wild cats especially leopards wandering off in the human residency, and most of the cases meet the fatal death by the hands of the superior social animals. In this particular incident, the leopard entered the humans’ area in search of food as suspected by the officials. In order to catch the prey, he climbed the top of the electric pole where it was fatally electrocuted.

The forest officials reached the site after being alerted about a leopard entering the premises. A large number of people had gathered to watch the animal hanging from the pole. The leopard’s body was entangled in high tension wires. The officials disconnected the power supply and brought down the carcass. A vet came by to perform an autopsy and the body was burnt after post mortem.