Let’s think about them for a second


By Citizen Journalist Rahul Mehra 

Following surgical strikes conducted by India on terrorist launch pads along the Line of Control (Loc) on Wednesday night, villages in Jammu and Punjab, which are situated near International Border have been evacuated by the Indian Army.

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Firstly, the army has done a commendable job and the entire nation should salute them for their bravery and valour.

The army will always find us standing behind them and supporting them, come what may.

But let’s come back to the evacuation process in the border areas. Have we ever thought about the people who will get evacuated? Have we even for a second tried to figure out where would they will be kept? And, above all, how will they manage to carry out their daily chores in such hostile conditions?

Believe it or not but for these people life comes to a halt. They are put in government schools or other government buildings or worse tents after they are evacuated from villages.

Hold down for a second. Yes, this is the point where standardly the government forgets its responsibility that is due further. These displaced people (even though for a while) have to manage all by themselves. Some people who are financially well-off load the necessary items in a truck or temp and drive off to a different city. But the remaining who can’t afford such luxury are forced to live in government buildings like cattle.

Imagine sharing a single room with 5 or more other families where you have to sleep, cook your food and eat that food too. Can’t even imagine? Right? But this happens every year when the cross-border firing increases and this time the situation is worse.

The government should make sure that these people are properly taken care of, provided food, medicine and other necessary facilities. Since Jammu and Kashmir is a sensitive state, the government should keep in mind that such warlike situations can escalate anytime. Therefore, it must provide buildings or a colonies where the people from border areas could live during insurgency.

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