LPG refill price hiked by up to ₹149


A day after the Delhi Assembly poll results were announced, the price of the non-subsidised LPG cylinder weighing 14.2 kg was on February 12 increased by ₹144.50 to ₹149, the steepest since January 2014.

However, the government almost doubled the subsidy for domestic users.

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While in Delhi the cost per cylinder rose from ₹714 to ₹858.50 compared to the January 1 rate, it went up by ₹149 to ₹896 in Kolkata. The price in Mumbai rose by ₹145 to ₹829.50 and by ₹147 to ₹881 in Chennai.

The subsidy to domestic users has been increased from ₹153.86 per cylinder to ₹291.48. The domestic users are entitled to get 12 cylinders of 14.2 kg each in a year at subsidised rates.

The subsidy for the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana (PMUY) beneficiaries has been increased from ₹174.86 to ₹312.48 per cylinder. The subsidised 14.2-kg cylinders would cost ₹567.02 for domestic users and ₹546.02 for the PMUY beneficiaries.