Manish Suri Jammu – A Beautiful Experience called Travelling


One who is curious and adventurous by nature, travelling is the best part of his life. It is a unique experience in itself. When a person travels and keep aside his comforts, then amazing things happen to brain and soul. It is not even related to journey of one place to another but also an adventure which makes your mind and soul richer. It refreshes the minds, makes you humble and gives you new experiences.

Rejuvenates Your Body: In today’s stressed life everybody wants change and which of course is the spice of life. Travelling infuses that spice in human body that rejuvenates mind and body to feel fresh and nourished. Travelling increases the life span of a human being and keep him young forever.

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Makes You a Smarter: When you travel, you come in contact with many people of different cultures and languages. You understand them, observe them and imbibe with their cultures for some time. It makes you flexible, knowledgeable, experienced and more sensitive to the world.

It makes you more Exciting: A traveler has more stories to tell due to his exposure of the outer world. It makes you a story teller. You experience new episode on each day you travel.

It is Educational: It is good for educational purpose also. By travelling at different places, you know more about the geographical diversity, animal’s habitat, fauna and flora etc. It will help you in your study and you will write better when you have experienced it personally.

Create Memories: Travel creates memories and memories are always alive in our mind through photographs and videos which can we share with your nears and dears.

Travel Means More Friends: When you go out, many people participate in your life. However some of them you may find interesting and some of them you may not. But it helps you make more friends whom you like. With this your social network also begin to increase.

More Adventurous: Travelling becomes more adventurous when it is on out of the route. There are some places which are still untouched and not more populated. When you travel out of your comfort zone at these places it becomes more adventurous because nobody knows what will happen.

Will Love your Home More: It is an old saying that “Home is not a place, it is a feeling”. This feeling comes when someone goes far from the home. When a person travels he misses his home the most and find more attached to home.

So, Travel as much as you can, As far as you can, As long as you can. Life is not meant to be lived in one place.