Nature is awesome and it becomes more fascinating for someone who get a chance to capture it. The beauty, the colors, the calmness, the dawn, the twilight, the complete darkness, the sounds and many other things attract a nature lover. But one should be very careful while shooting wildlife. In this blog, we will discuss on how to approach wildlife photography to avoid any surprises while clicking wildlife.

Must Accompanied by Someone: Forest is not our place to live. It’s the home of wild creatures and they don’t like when anybody disturbs or harms them or their habitat. So, they can harm you in anyway and anywhere. But the chances will decrease when you will be in a group of people. So, avoid to go alone.

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Wear Appropriate Shoes: While shooting wildlife, always wear appropriate hiking shoes which could protect you from water, mud, dirt, insects etc. It should be of good quality with heavy base, non-noisy and with short laces. Otherwise long laces could be tangled with something else and can cause problem.

Wear Camouflage Clothes: Bright colors attract animals. They can be furious by seeing bright colors. But they will be less perturbed with you when you merge with their surroundings. So, it is advisable to wear camouflage or less bright clothes to avoid any risk. You can also wear dockers as it can hold your gear and belongings.

Always Maintain a Distance: You will have to keep the patience otherwise you will become a patient. It is obligatory to maintain a distance from wild animals not only from big animals like lion, tiger, hippo etc. but also from other animals like elephant, zebra, fox, wild dogs etc. because we don’t know their natural routine and they can attack us.

Keep Calm: Don’t show your zeal, don’t be scared and don’t provoke the animals. Most of the time animals attack when they sense any of the above one situation. Always stay calm and don’t make any noise. They will not attack you until they will feel threatened by you.

Avoid any Fragrance: Always avoid to carry any fragrance like perfume, deodorant even any raw vegetable with you. Most animals have very sharp smelling power which may attract them towards you. It lures the animals and may be dangerous for you. It is advisable to carry packed food with you.

Minimal Belongings: An appropriate size of backpack is enough for wildlife photography. It should be as big as it could contain your camera, lenses, eatables, some medicines etc. Otherwise large bags will create a problem.

So, these are some protective measures while shooting wildlife. But one should be very careful and very attentive while doing this activity because an animal is animal and is unpredictable in nature.