Manish Suri Jammu – How to Stay Safe While Travelling


Travelling is an essential part of a human’s life. Everybody travels every now and then, no matters near or far. But safety is a major factor while travelling and it should be our paramount concern to travel safe. Without safety there is no fun of travelling. One should take care of the following steps during his voyage.

1. Do not publicize your information in about trip on social media. It would be an inviting call for the thieves to break into your home. Other way around is to keep your posts private and only share it with the people you know.

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2. If you are going alone on a lonely trail, always inform about your destination to your family members and near ones. So, in case of emergency they can track you.

3. Mobile Phone is most important device while travelling. Now a days everyone likes to store all the information in mobile phone only. So always keep an eye on your mobile. Always keep it in your pocket while travelling and never place it on any desk or table while visiting any places.

4. You should carry only urgent valuable things with you. All other valuable things should be kept in a safe or a bank locker. There is no need to carry all debit and credit cards with you. You can carry just one or two of them.

5. Always keep your eyes on your luggage. Because railway stations, bus stands and airports are the perfect places of the pickpockets. If you are in your own car then make sure you always locked it when go out from the vehicle and don’t leave your mobile, laptop or other valuable in the vehicle. Even when you are travel via a taxi or a bus, do not leave in a hurry and take out all your luggage before leaving. Better approach is to make a count of all your things and count them before taking them out.

6. Avoid using ATMs during the night or at lonely places. Only withdraw money primly located ATMs where security guard is available. Now a days one must keep a sharp eye on ATM’s working because ATMs can be manipulated and can hack your card.

7. Try to avoid the use of public Wi-Fi because it is a very easy mode of hacking. Sometimes hotels also provide free Wi-Fi facilities. Say no to them and always use your secured connection.

8. Don’t show off your DSLR’s or handy cam everywhere. Bring these out when it needed. Stay clear from the eyes of the thieves.

9. If you are travelling abroad then keep your passport always close to you. Because it is only identity proof in abroad you have. Otherwise you will be stuck in a big problem.

10. Always keep the phone numbers of your banks and credit or debit card providers. So that in case of emergency you could call them to block the cards.

11. Don’t carry too much luggage with you. Only a backpack would be enough if you are travelling alone.

12. Deal wisely with a situation not with high temper. Nothing is more important than your life.

13. Always use registered taxi services. Private taxis are not much safe way to travel.

14. Always avoid too much drinking of alcohol on a trip, otherwise you will be easily targeted by the criminals.

15. If some stranger offers you to eat or drink something, never accept it. There is always a possibility to add some drug in the food or beverage. Most of these cases happen in trains and buses.

16. Always follow your instincts. If you feel something awkward, avoid it.