Market checking conducted in Kishtwar, Rs 12000 realized from defaulters


Market checking Kishtwar26
KISHTWAR: In order to check the quality of essential commodities in the market on eve of the festival of Id-ul-Fitr, a team of officers headed by Tehsildar Kishtwar Phulail Singh and comprising of EO Municipal Kishtwar, SHO Kishtwar, Food Safety Officer Kishtwar and doctors from veterinary and sheep husbandry Kishtwar conducted an extensive market checking exercise.
The quality of mutton, chicken, fruits, vegetables and sweets was checked. Violators were fined and the rotten fruits, vegetables and unhygienic chicken and cooked food were destroyed on spot.
An amount of Rs12, 000/was realized as fine. Four shopkeepers were booked under Food Safety and Standards Act. One quintal of rotten fruit and vegetables, twenty kgs of sweets and 40kg unhygienic chicken was destroyed by the officials of MC Kishtwar.
Moreover four domestic cylinders were also seized from various commercial establishments. All the fruit sellers and meat sellers were instructed to keep the meat and other eatables covered to protect them against dust.
The Food Safety Officer was directed to ensure the safety standards as per rules and take strict action against defaulters under law.