Mini meal shop in Bahu Plaza has the two nicest brothers – Sanjeev and Anil Sharma


Ever been in a fix after losing your wallet, card holder, handbag or even your company laptop? How happy we feel after some nice chap returns our lost article, however important it may or may not be! One of U4U VOICE’s workers recently misplaced a box that had multiple wireless routers costing quite a huge amount during a shifting exercise that involved many boxes and it was returned to us after four days of having misplaced it.Sanjeev Sharma Anil sharma, bahu plaza, north block, sonu's mini meal corner, jammu, jammu and kashmir


Two very lively and jolly men who sell tea and other delicious eatables on the ground floor of North Block in their shop named Sonu’s Mini Meal Corner had saved the box waiting for someone to collect it. The box kept lying with these men for over four days and no one claimed the contents. Eventually they checked the contents of the box and realized that the box belonged to U4U VOICE.

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Today morning, the brothers informed a manager with U4U VOICE about the box and the box was restored thusly.

This is not just one odd incident of Sanjeev Sharma or Anil Sharma storing the lost contents people often forget at or around their shop. You can find many of their regular customers who would vouch for the duo. When a member from our team reached out to them, one of the morning customers jokingly said, “Arrey aapka bhi kuch gum gaya tha, yahin se milega! (Have you lost something too, you will find it here for sure!)”

The duo who crack a joke with every line are known to have returned many such articles in the past too. What from Laptops, wallets filled with money, helmets and other long lost objects have been returned by these brothers. While our team members were having a discussion with them, others also called their Mini Meals shop a cloak room jokingly.

These light banters only go to showing how these two brothers have been of help to many people in the past. Towards the end of the conversation Sanjeev said, “Hamaare paas itni jagah bhi nahi hoti jitna samaan log guma jaate hain (Our shop only has limited space to cloak people’s lost items).”