Modern Patriotism and traitors


To the ill fate of Patriots and Country. Adding trouble to the confidence Of Indian armed forces, shatters my heart when I hear a Traitor being compensated for his sin, and An Army Personal being “Court Marshalled” for encounters.
We were born independent none of us fighted or struggled for the freedom of Country all we were realised to maintain the sovereignty and dignity of our Mother India and have a Patriotic Tune Playing in our hearts forever, but some how some where some of the loosers lost the subject and start cursing our own Motherland and asked for the Parental Proof, as they must be in dilemma about their birth and DNA.
Constitution blessed us with Fundamental rights, a basic right for a common man to claim for his Religious, Constitutional, Educational ,Freedom of Speech and expression & Equality before Law.
But misinterpretation and mislead Thoughts
of Traitors defined them in their own way backed by their forefathers sitting on Prime Posts.
An Armed force Jawan who sacrificed luxurious of Life , Family, Joy and Happiness of His life is confused that whom should he fight the enemy posing threat across the Border or Traitor Trying to demolish the Base Inside the Country.
How painful it would be for a true countrymen The Patriots, Unsung heroes who laid down their lives attained matrydom for respect and safeguarding of this Nation.
The Persons who fight for the independence for our people ,to free our motherland from the clutches of slavery they didn’t have any issue or diversification weather to Chant *”Bharat Maata Ki jai”or not, If this was so,Today we would have been Chanting some thing else, but a big salute to the real heroes.
The mother who gave birth to a Child, bears thepain ,feed him teaches him, supports him whole life unconditionally and the Child who betrays her ,when she needs him most
Is called *.M……….D.* you better know the word.
A Person responsible for the killing of royal Lives at Hotel Taj #26/11was hanged till death,
But the justice is still incomplete because the Insane separatists like Gillani, Yaseen Malik, Shabir Shah, Masarat Alam are responsible for the killings of innocents in Kashmir on the name of so called freedom, are roaming free and creating panic on the basis of region &religion. They have settled family lives in a luxirious manner who deserves to be hanged till death. and these days some so called public representatives from erstwhile Doda District are also following separitist calender and communal agenda instigating flairs of hatred amongest general public , uttering insane speeches in public gatherings and even in upper house.
and Compensation added fuel to the act inviting more deaths. It seems it has turned and tuned to an endless Political arena Now.
And supporting this will be like acting agent of Terrorism.

Traitors proved to be innocent now, What about the Policemen who lost lives during turmoil what about CRPF and Armymen who martyred in the Valley for the Nation’s cause.

Article by: Shrawan Pandit