Monika Mitter is a ray of hope for Jammu’s Slum kids

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By Akanksha Gupta

In the world where everyone is living for their own oneself, there are still some people who believe in doing something for society and Monika Mitter– the founder of Aradhana- a ray of hope belongs to one such category of human beings.

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Monika Mitter- the founder of Aradhana- a ray of hope
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This 23-years old girl of Jammu is responsible for bringing together a number of college students who collect money monthly through their pocket money and donation and then that money is utilised for an activity done on monthly basis for underprivileged section of the society.

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She was only a school student when she came up with the idea of forming an organisation to help the kids of slums. After proper planning and research, she founded the society on 25th of December 2009 which got registered in May 2015.

Asking about the idea behind this, Monika Mitter says,”Aradhana is a subtle hope, pious feeling, a struggle against the scarcities of the masses, it is a feeling of love for humanity and a promise to make India of my Dream, where every kid is free to get education and can enjoy every second of their childhood.”

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Aradhana- a ray of hope
During one of her class in slums
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“Through Aradhana, we all want to spread smiles on the faces of the children of the underprivileged class of the society.This is what I always wanted to do.” she adds.

Presently working as a lecturer in Tawi group of colleges, Monika is an allumni of KV No.1 and she has studied Electrical Engineering from MIET, Jammu.

She conducted the  first activity of the society was done on Christmas 2009 in which she with her friends did the round of the city from nine in the morning to five in the evening.

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They all interacted with rag pickers and beggars and distributed toys, clothes etc to them. From that day until now, the group has done many similar activities with the children of the slum, the rag pickers and the beggars of the city. They spend time with them, talk to them, play with them and try to make then happy.

Since then, she and the other members of Aradhana are spending almost every weekend, every festival showing these less fortunate kids of Jammu city, a way to rise.

Aradhana- a ray of hope
Monika along with her team
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When we asked her about how she arrange her resources, Monika said that, “Our funda is to collect 50 rupees from every member of the group. There are two types of member in the society, some support physically as well as financially and the passive are those who support only financially.”

Working towards her an aim to make less fortunate children in rising to their true potential for six long years, Monika’s favourite moment was of this journey was when Aradhana became a registered NGO.

Aradhana- a ray of hope
6th anniversary of Aradhana
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