In the month of Ramadan, Kashmir becomes a tourist hot spot for beggars from all over the country


beggarsLand into any part of Kashmir and you will be swarmed by beggars particularly in the cities. The situation gets all the more worse during the month of Ramadan.

As per people beggars from all over India steer towards Kashmir – as it being month of giving alms and charity.

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“Beggars from all other parts know that they will get good money in Kashmir during this month so they make their move towards the valley,” says Jazir Ahmad, a local.

They are found everywhere be it traffic signal, a square, any shrine or mosques. “You will hardly find any place which isn’t being occupied by beggars,” he adds.

Most of the aggressive beggars are witnessed in areas like Lal Chowk, Regal, and Boulevard etc which remain mostly thronged by people.

People are so scared and fed up of these beggars that they have changed their regular routes. “It becomes embarrassing when they catch you in the middle. Giving something to anyone of them means you are inviting all and same thing happened with me. I was trapped in between a circle of beggars amidst the road. I became a laughing stock and since then I don’t prefer that route to travel,” says Sameer Wani, a student.

Most of the beggars are from other parts of the country and what is wrong according to people is that kids are left for this job.

“It is very disheartening to see kids begging. It is not their age to do such things,” says Shahid, a banker.

However, not withstanding this grave matter some public delegations informed police about this sorry state and since then cops have swung into action.,

Police has launched this drive against beggars in city and have been successful in arresting 37 of them so far.

The drive was launched under the supervision of Senior Superintendent of Police Srinagar, Amit Kumar. These beggars have been produced before court and would be sent back to their respective place.

“I heaved a sigh of relief after knowing about this drive of police. They should be lauded for their swift action,” says Saba Gulzar, a student.

Lubna Reshi