Mukesh Rishi: Being from Jammu, I saw Delhi as the city to party in


He has been seen as a villain in many Bollywood films, and now, actor Mukesh Rishi is preparing to play one of the best known villains in Indian mythology – Ravan. The actor will play the part of Ravan at a ramlila in the capital, which will begin from September 21. He says that more than anything else, he is working on “simplifying my language, so that people can understand what I am talking about.”
The actor, who is from Jammu, has always had a special connect with Delhi. While he was studying in Chandigarh, Delhi was always the place where he would come to chill. “Be it New Year’s Eve or any other occasion, I would always come to here from Chandigarh to party. Being from Jammu, I always saw Delhi as this big city where everyone would want to be. Hamare ghar mein Dilli se koi mehmaan bhi aata tha toh lagta tha yeh kuch alag hi cheez hui hai. Now I don’t visit Jammu as frequently as Delhi,” he says.
Talking about the current situation in the Valley, the actor says, “I’ve grown up in Jammu, but have been to Kashmir earlier and have seen a different side to the Valley. It is very sad and painful to see Kashmir in this state and I think it is high time that the government came up with a solution.”