Natural ways by which you can prevent water retention in your body


Natural ways to get rid of water retention:

1. More water means less water retention but make sure your water intake is spread evenly throughout the day.

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2. Less salt intake as it clogs water tissues leading to water retention. Also, do not consume a lot of sugar as it will increase your insulin levels which will hamper the process of flushing out excess sodium from the body.

3. Cranberry juice is the best diuretic. A close second is raw cabbage leaves. Foods like apple cider vinegar, green tea, parsley, and fennel seeds (sauf) are also some of the natural diuretics that can come to your rescue.

4. Consume garlic empty stomach in the morning. It will not only cure water retention but also help break down the fats.

5. Stuff ice cubes in a thin cloth and press it against the affected area. It will give you relief. However, it is not a good option for diabetics.