Navratri 2017: Huge rush of devotees at bawe Wali Mata temple, Jammu


Jammu, 28 March: As is ritual twice a year during Navratri, the Holy Shrine of Bawe Waali Mata at the Jammu heritage site, Bahu Fort, is seeing queues which seem to have no end. The whole temple premises is filled with devotees of the Goddess and as is the case, the believers thronged to the temple as early as 4 am in the morning today.

The queues of the devotees who come from all parts of Jammu at 7 am itself were 2 hours long, in the measure of time. We bring to you some exclusive images of the first day at Bawe Waali Mata.

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A devotee on her way to Mata Bawe Wali Shrine


Langar for those not fasting!


With first day of Navratris falling on Tuesday, the security arrangements are in place for crowd control and peceful ‘darshan’


People wait in lng queues to catch a glimpse of Mata Bawe Wali


Devotees are commonly seen praying in the veranda in deep meditation concentrating their thoughts around Bawe Waali Mata

The temple sees crowds that run into tens of thousands over the nine day period. Security has been beefed up around the area to preserve the peaceful environment in and around the temple premises.