New Rule: Policemen in Jammu can flout Traffic Norms; only Civilians to follow


Citizen Journalist Pawan Singh Kapoor

At first sighting of the Nitco hoarding in this picture, you would realise it was clicked in Talab Tillo area, if you are from Talab Tillo that is.

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Granted that the image is not very clear and only two heads are visible but U4UVoice has marked the three legs for you to see and understand that ‘It is allowed for the cops in Jammu city atleast to ride triples without helmet.’

police breaking the rules

Now, it may be understood that there is some new unannounced official rule which makes the policemen in Jammu and Kashmir immune to the punishment accorded to civilians for flouting traffic norms. It is clear in the picture that the trio in the picture are riding the motorcycle without fear because nobody would catch them.

Rules are only for fools…..err civilians.

As such, It is only the civilians who have to cough up fines for not wearing a helmet or for that matter riding triples on a two wheeler. If as a civilian, you park your vehicle in an area that does not read no parking zone anywhere, you would be challaned for that as well.

Cops on the other hand can stop their vehicle in the middle of the road and no one can raise their voice. In fact how do you raise your voice when the keeper of the law is at fault?

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