Now an IPS officer in Kashmir has passed on ‘advice’ to Dr. Shah Faesal


Dr. Shah Faesal, took everyone by surprise with his social media post where he threatened to resign. There were wide ranging responses from various sections of society including this one where a journalist stripped Dr. Faesal’s post to individual points and sort of blew it to pieces.

Now an IPS officer, Shailendra Mishra, (right in pic) has let out some advice to Dr Shah Faesal in a friendly way, however, it is also reflective of the divide that has been created in the valley not just in the political class, but also among civil officers.

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Shah Faesal IAS, Shailendra Mishra IPS

Shailendra Mishra, a 2009 IPS officer, who is now posted as SSP in Shopian has wrote a Faebook post what some media houses have dubbed ‘Lashing out at Shah Faesal.’

This is what Mishra Wrote,

This is my nation and I am out to defend it. No amount of criticism or threatening shall make me a coward, crying to quit. I qualified the service not only to do a job but to serve. I don’t want to be a role model myself, let my service be a role model for people to emulate. I am shamed on your thoughts of quitting and running away. You are a member of the very revered service. Be proud of it. These are testing times, we will sail through. Give your writings some sense brother. We are public figures and should take criticism as a part and parcel of our lives. In case you still fear we will take care of you too. #kashmirpride