Now you will get a passport much quicker in J&K


Srinagar, January 02: In a very good initiative to help passport applicants, the state government is thinking of reducing the police verification time for getting a passport which is considered as the major cause for delay in the issuance of their passport.

Jammu and Kashmir is a disturbed state  and intelligence and security agencies have blacklisted a number of people here which make them non-eligible for passport. Even, in the Kashmir Valley, it has become a painful experience since most of the people seeking passport get stuck in getting police verification reports and it takes them months to get a passport.

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However, the passport office in both Jammu and Kashmir region have gone online and application has made as convenient as it can get. According to Firdous Iqbal, an official of the passport office in Srinagar, the office has already offered online personal particulars form and we are working on other methods that can reduce the time taken in verification.

According to the existing norms, the police is required to complete verification and file PVR (police verification report) within a period of 21 days of application. An amount of Rs 150 is paid to police by the Ministry of External Affairs for each application which decreases with each additional day after completion of given time.