OnePlus providing Country Specific Features to Their Customers


United States:OnePlus is going a step further to please its Indian and international audiences, integrating country-specific features suggested by its community into its customized Android operating system: OxygenOS. Through events and online forums, as well as the OxygenOS Beta Program, OnePlus has been developing and testing new features suggested by its fans and followers. The latest rollout of the OS has region-specific features, which means India gets its very own specifications catering to local needs. Here is what to expect:

India-specific Features

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Work-Life Balance

From our desks to our desktops, and even our phones, the lines between personal and professional paraphernalia are often blurred and organizing things becomes our last priority. The Work-Life Balance feature can help – it segregates app notifications into ‘work’ and ‘life’. You can set windows of time for minimum distraction from either. For example, 9 am to 5 pm can be set to receive only work notifications and calls.

Smart SMS Visualisation

When users complained about trying to find a relevant SMS in a sea of spam, especially when it comes to time-based OTPs, OnePlus brainstormed and created the Smart SMS app feature. Here, you can find important messages with ease through categorization. What’s more, OTPs can be easily copied with two taps.

Caller Identification

Another feature that was highly requested, Caller Identification allows you to filter out unwanted calls by warning you of suspected spam and recognizing businesses calls.

OnePlus Roaming

Globe-trotting OnePlus users can now do away with the hassles of switching SIM cards or searching for roaming plans before their trips. OnePlus Roaming ensures you are always connected to a mobile network.

Cricket Scores with ESPNCricinfo

In a cricket-crazy nation, it is but natural that OnePlus fans demand their scores on the go. Thanks to a partnership with ESPNcricinfo, you’ll have access to live and aired scores, as well as schedules, at your fingertips.

Global Features

Fnatic Mode

If you’re an avid gamer, Fnatic Mode can best be described as the regular Gaming Mode on steroids. It’s an immersive gaming experience that’s fit for the pros, allowing players to enhance network and background performance for lightning-fast action.

Screen Recorder

In high demand among the OnePlus community, this feature allows you to record everything happening on screen. So whether you love making demo videos, recording your gaming moves, or want to IM a friend a cool new feature you discovered, you can now do it without having to download a third-party app.

Screenshot Editor

Ever notice how we tweak screenshots differently to regular pictures before sharing? You probably only need to blur out private details or circle something you want to be highlighted. The screenshot editor makes this basic action easy – without the need to navigate the larger photo-editing menu.

Quick Reply for IM

This feature lets you watch your videos or TV shows while you reply to IM messages – no pausing or app swapping required.

Zen Mode

When you need to check-out digitally, Zen Mode restricts phone activity to only calls and camera capabilities being functional. Think of it as a quick digital detox that helps you connect IRL better.