Parry G: After winning hearts worldwide, this Jammu boy is set to conquer new heights


Q1) Story behind my name Parry G

It’s a very memorable and funny incident regarding the same.

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My real name is Parikshit Gupta.

Well, this name was given to me by my college friends. Once we were chilling at cafe, we started giving names to each other. Names given were harry, Garry, Happy so now you know why mine became Parry and G completes it.

Q2) Career in rap music

First people need to know what really this art form is.

Lots of youth just get swayed away by the glamour part of it which won’t help them in a long run. Spitting easy lyrics with basic rhymes on stage don’t get them anywhere and they keep wondering where did they go wrong.

it’s not just spitting lyrics. there is rhythm involved which can vary in signatures. the expressions, sonically it should sound musical, the flow, the multis, multi syllable rhymings, to be creative in every other lyrics.

Q3) Music industry in Jammu?

Well, good to see its flourishing day by day now. heard about ‘gitiyan’  a feature film totally from our state. but still there’s long way to go. I can see the hunger in the eyes but still there are not much opportunities in the state. Its getting positive though.

Q4) My achievements :

First ever rapper in India to be India Got talent finalist and still keeping the badge intact haha 🙂

Have rapped in the same song with veterans like Sonu Nigam, Shaan.

Gave my voice in the song Ding Dang starring Tiger shroff in the movie Munna Michael.

Rapped for kangana ranaut in her latest release ‘Simran’, the song Swag ko leney chaali which plays in the back ground.

My first single music video ‘Pyaar Kya shad hai’ released from Zee music company which in a week crossed over lakh views with out any paid promotions all because of the enormous love and support.

etc 😉

Q5) Family and friends support :

I had to fight when I was a teenager and had to tell them for this is what I want to do. They saw results and yeah I gave them good results so now they do support.

Q6) Words about Om prakash and Dhinchak?

Well I have no personal or even professional grudges with them. They had their name flying cause this is what people when people listen to share with a caption “Don’t share”. I don’t get this haha.

Q7) comment on Bol na aunty aaun kya?

Well, as I said art is the reflection of society so if it is trending there’s gotta be a reason for it . may be unintentionally people promoted it

Q8) For jammu youth

All I want to say that’ Hum kisi se kumm nahi hai’ but make sure you guys support each other. I faced a lot of criticism and ignorance which affects in the long run. If you guys are trying to do something different add to it don’t discourage it.

So before I wave to you all, do check out the new single released “Pyaar kya shad hai” if you haven’t still.