Patients at SKIMS in Kashmir cry over poor emergency facilities, crowded space


kashmirLack of patient management facilities at Sher-e-Kashmir Institute of Medical Science in Kashmir mars the chances of treating a patient in the best manner.

As per the people visiting this hospital there are many things which turn situation grave at this prominent institution of Srinagar.

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The core issue here is the congested emergency room. People say that the room isn’t upto the mark at all. People visiting this hospital complain that resources at this hospital aren’t adequate.

“When a patient comes to hospital his outcome depends how quickly he is diagnosed and managed but the congestion in Emergency Room(ER) hampers the same, “ agrees a doctor who works there.

Doctors say that they need an ER which is spacious as it restricts their working process.

Besides the space Emergency Room also has just two oxygen ports – with the result the patient have to face inconvenience.

“Given the lack of oxygen ports many times two patients have to be connected to the same port, this doctor adds.

Attendants say that due to the heavy rush they have to wait outside – even in case of emergencies.

“I don’t know why they aren’t making the rooms spacious enough to accommodate all patients. It is a big time problem for people,” says Jahangir Ali, a local.

The hospital also has no resuscitation room due to which the patients also have to be accommodated in the same emergency room.

“When we receive sick patient who need good resuscitation we face difficulties. Unfortunately we don’t have proper resuscitation room here”, he remarked.

When it comes to hospital causality patients consider it to be worst among all hospitals of the state.

“You never get proper attention here owing to the huge rush of patients,” says Saleema, a patient.

In addition to the above stated problems attendants also complain about time taking formalities.

The tests are sent to the laboratory takes much time to come back, attendants here say.

Adding to this doctors say that the delay in coming of reports leads to hampering in the diagnosis of the patients.

From past two years the hospital authorities are deliberating upon building of new ER’s but till this date nothing has been coming up, doctors claim.

This doctor, wishing anonymity, says that when they discuss mortality during weekly mortality meets – for discussing about deaths happening in hospital — they reach to the conclusion that patient management would have been better if they had a good emergency room.

However, Director of the hospital couldn’t be contacted in this regard.

Lubna Reshi