PDP expresses solidarity with agitating dental surgeons


PDP-logoPeoples Democratic Party (PDP) youth leader, Dr Shanti Singh has expressed concern over fast deteriorating health of agitating unemployed dental health surgeons who are sitting on fast unto death in Jammu.

“Health condition of the dental surgeons, who are on fast unto death bracing the scorching heat wave conditions of Jammu, is fast deteriorating and it is saddening to see that not a single government representative has come to meet them, so far, to listen to their grievances,” Singh said in a statement. Expressing solidarity with the dental surgeons, he said the height of arrogance is that they have been left on their own mercy by the callous and insensitive government.

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Singh said the ruling National Conference-led government is squarely responsible for the growing unemployment among the dental surgeon as it has badly failed to frame any policy for their proper employability in the government sector. “The government has miserably failed to hold any recruitment of dental surgeons over the years resulting into huge unemployment among them,” he added.

He said the injustice and discriminatory policy adopted by the National Conference government vis-a-vis the dental surgeons should end and serious efforts should be made to absorb all of them without wasting much time. “There should be recruitment on yearly basis,” Singh demanded.