People forced to risk their lives to come to Jammu and govt doesnt know


By Citizen Journalist Navi Sahani 

The road joining Bishnah, Sehora, Baba Farid Nagar among other areas with Kunjwani was washed away in the short-lived heavy rains on two days this week.

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Roads Washed Away (1)

As can be seen in the pictures travelling to any of the above mentioned places has not only become difficult, it has become life threatening for the locals who are forced to commute through this passage.

Roads Washed Away (2)

Hundreds of students use this road to reach school’s and tuition centers. Even in the last year’s flood the bridge was damaged and after that project was given to some construction company for making a new ‘better’ Bridge.

Roads Washed Away (3)

To the construction company’s credit, the work was moving at fast pace but just the first rains damaged everything and halted the work. The monsoons are not even here.

Roads Washed Away (4)

The alternative road to Kunjwani running beside this upcoming bridge has been damaged as well in these rains which lasted for less than four hours in two days. At present, crossing over to the other side has become very difficult and some motorcycle riders literally risk their lives by crossing the nallah.

Roads Washed Away (5)

Lives become miserable for ladies and children especially patients adding to the stress of those going through a tight patch.

Authorities need to look into this matter as this road connects a massive number of villages with main Jammu city and this link road is the shortest path to RS Pura. Residents of these villages are seriously hoping for some action before the rains begin but will the government pay attention to Jammu? We just hope our worst fears do not come true.