People in Kashmir allege non-availability of rice in ration shops, black marketing


rice1People from different parts of the Kashmir are complaining about the lack or total non availablity rice at the ration depots. As per people ration depots are running without this essential commodity and none pays an ear to the problems of common man.

The residents of Kadipora in South Kashmir’s Anantnag allege that the depot has no rice which is causing immense difficulties. “Most of the card holders here have not received their quota so far,” says Sahil Maqbool, a resident.

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People say that authorities are being irresponsible in this holy month.

“They should think how poor people will manage ration. It is the month when the supply should be sufficient but see we are not getting anything,” says another resident.

People say they have brought the matter in attention of concerned officials and had been assured that they will soon get their share.

“It has been four days since then but we still have not got a grain. We request authorities for not letting us suffer,” Maqbool adds.

While the same problem persists in some ration ghats of Srinagar as well. The residents of Palpora here in Srinagar say that they are facing same trouble from past many days.

But here the problem is bit different from other depots. The residents maintain that the storekeeper denies to provide the supply to the people.

“Despite the fact that each resident has a ration card yet the storekeeper refuses to give us the ration without revealing the reasons.”

People here allege that storekeepers sell the stock at higher prices and are involved in black marketing.

However, the officials maintain that they are running short of supply.

It is believed by the residents that every month tons of ration is being supplied to the depots yet a common man gets nothing.

“It is being supplied to stuff the pockets of concerned officials while we are left high and dry,” says Noor Mohi-u-deen, a resident of the area.

People here now either want the replacement of the storekeepers or allotment of new ration ghats.

“We had to suffer like this many times and don’t want the same problem to appear again so we want officials to think about us,” the residents here add.

Lubna Reshi