Petrol-diesel likely to be available in mall-retail shop, Big decision yet to be taken by Govt


New Delhi: In the Central Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, the Modi government can take many big decisions. The biggest decision is being made about petrol pumps. If sources are to be believed, the central government may approve the sale of petrol and diesel in big shopping malls and retail shops. With this, a big decision can also be taken regarding the private petrol pump.

According to sources related to the government, instead of investing Rs 2000 crore, the central government can now allow companies of 200 crore net worth to open petrol pumps. Also, other rules related to opening petrol pumps can also be changed. With this, if a company is not doing business in the petroleum sector, then it can also get a fuel retail license.

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Explain that in October 2018, the Petroleum Ministry formed a committee to change the rules related to fuel retail. The Expert Committee was formed to increase competition in the fuel retail market. Now the government can take some decisions on the basis of this committee.

If this policy is applicable, what can be its rules and what will be the process related to purchasing petrol and diesel will have to wait for the details. Still many rules have been implemented to buy petrol-diesel at petrol pumps, such as getting petrol with helmets or not getting petrol-diesel in plastic bottles.