Police not to hand over the militants’ dead bodies to locals anymore


Srinagar, January 02: In order to reduce tensions in the valley and avoid people from performing funeral processions of foreign militants killed in the valley, the state government has decided not to handover the bodies to locals but to bury them in secrecy.

As reported by Tribune, the news has been confirmed by Inspector General of Police for Kashmir zone SJM Gillani who said that the step has been taken to ensure peace in valley. The location selected for burying the dead foreign militants is a sparsely populated town near the Line of Control.

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The IGP further said that the police used to hand over the body of killed militants earlier for the fact that they can have a funeral with all the rituals but with the passing time, these funerals has turned in ‘Anti-India’ rallies which will not be tolerated at any condition.

Reports also said the police have buried a body of militant killed in December at a faraway graveyard in a thinly populated frontier Uri town of north Kashmir as the police feared breakdown of “law and order” at the funerals of the militants if their bodies were handed over to locals.

It has now become a ritual in Kashmir to perform funeral possessions of militants killed in Gunbattle which is attended by hundreds of men and women. In the month of October, the local performed the funeral of Abu Qasim, a foreigner who headed the Lashkar-e-Toiba in Kashmir and was one of the most-wanted militants in the region. It was one of the largest in the region in recent years.

The funeral was attended by a thousands of locals which indicates growing sympathy for militants in the region. In most of such cases, districts in Kashmir have observed spontaneous shutdowns, which, in some cases, continued for four days —- a traditional period of mourning.