Police personnel assaulted local resident at Udhampur (Watch Video)


Udhampur: Today a deputation led by Ankit Sharma r/o Adarsh Colony was taken to SSP Udhampur in which Ankit Sharma lodged a complaint against three policepersons namely A.. K Sharma,  Randheer Singh,  S. S Jamwal for their misbehavior done to him.

Talking to the media persons Ankit told that he was peacefully doing walk after having his dinner during the evening hours when he noticed these policepersons were abusing and misbehaving a cart rider. When he interrupted and tried to stop them,  they abused and assaulted him and forcefully took him to the police gypsy.

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He further said that this type of behavior of policepersons is totally unacceptable and intolerable. It puts a question mark over the safety of the society.  He said that the police persons who misbehaved were also drunk on duty which is objectionable.

Ankit along with the other residents of Adarsh Colony appealed the SSP for stern action against them soon.  He said that SSP has taken the cognizance of the matter and has assured them to take necessary action against them.

Others present were Tarun, Akhil Bandral, Rajesh Sharma, Balwinder Singh, Devinder Singh, Sony Sharma, Ashish Pada, Vijay Sharma etc.

Ankit Sharma


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Udhampur Police

Posted by Jammu culture and heritage on Saturday, March 31, 2018