Preparation to bring e-stamp for registry in J&K, proposal to be made in two weeks


Jammu & Kashmir: After shifting the registry from the judicial system to the revenue department, the registry department is now going to bring e-stamp facility for the convenience of the people. Soon after the registration started with the registration department, the department started preparing the proposal for e-stamp.

It will be sent to the Finance Department for approval. Efforts are being made to complete the entire process in fifteen days, after which e-stamp will be used in the registry. This will reduce the government’s expenditure on stamp paper. At the same time, decreasing paper consumption will also help environmental protection.

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The Finance Department will soon review how many stamps they have published. After these are finished, preparations are being made to start the e-stamp. Three days ago, registry of documents including sale deed, gift deed of land and property has been started in the revenue department. For this, the government has also set up the registration department. Revenue officers in the districts have been given the powers of registry.

At present, stamp papers are used for registry according to the value of the lands. Maximum 8 to 10 stamp paper is required. In the e-stamp, only one receipt is deducted instead of the stamp according to the value of the land. Fees will be deposited through computer and receipt will be issued. It will match with the registry.

Proposal to be made in two weeks
‘ Our next big step will be e-stamp. In the digital age, it is necessary to have an e-stamp instead of paper. A proposal is being made which will be submitted to the Finance Department within fifteen days. There will be no delay from our side. Its structure is also available with the revenue officials. -Pavan Kotwal, Chairman Registration Department