Protests held outside Parliament at Jantar Mantar seeking CBI inquiry in Kathua case


With sensational disclosures being made through media that one of the prime accused in the infamous Kathua child homicide case was at Mirapur in Muzzafar Nagar (UP) from  January 10 to 17 this year during which the heinous crime was committed as per the prima- facie of the case, a large number of NPP activists held protest demonstration at Jantar Mantar here today.

Led by party  chairman,  Harsh Dev Singh, the NPP leaders and workers  staged a aggressive protest, seeking CBI inquiry for impartial investigation into the case.

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The protesters while raising anti-Govt slogans took out a procession towards the Parliament but a strong contingent of Delhi Police raised huge barricades in the midway and restrained the protesters from advancing further near the Parliament House.

The leaders and the activists also clashed with the police during the protest.

Addressing the media, Harsh Dev said that the investigative journalism had provided videograph evidence which was sufficient to change the legal discourse of the case. He said that new revelations coming to fore had further strengthened the apprehensions that CB had forcefully obtained confession of the crime from one of the prime accused and pressurised the witnesses to give concocted statements in order to build a false case.

He divulged that the said accused celebrated Lohri with his friends on  January 13, at a rented house  in Mirapur where he lived, as per the witness of the land lady but according to the charge sheet filed by the CB the accused was in Kathua on the same day committing the crime.

“Likewise, the CCTV footage shown by the national media earlier established the fact that same accused in the murder of the girl child was in Mirapur and found doing a transaction in a ATM on the same fateful day of  January 15 which had been mentioned in the charge sheet filed by CB, during which the said accused along with a juvenile had disposed the dead body of the victim in the Rassana forests. The justification of the people’s demand for CBI probe gets further weight”,  Singh said.

Expressing shock over the way the CB of J&K Police handled the case, Harsh Dev said that the media reports had raised millions of eyebrows and instilled doubts among the people regarding the credibility of the Crime Branch in dealing with the case. “How a person on the same day could be present at two places which are around 600 kms from each other?”, questioned Harsh.

He said the people of Jammu smell a conspiracy and only CBI probe can  bring truth to the light.