SARRC should intervene in Gaza: IPP



I.P.P President Aqib Shah today called an emergency press-conference here at Jammu showing serious concern over an unprecedented rise in blood-shed in Gaza strip of Palestine carried out by Israel forces. Addressing the media, Aqib Shah said that the world is witnessing a never before seen or heard form of human-rights violation in the form of Israeli aggression and it is nothing less than a cold-blodded murder of humanity and humanitarian concerns.

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Shah said that Israel’s operation ‘Protective Edge’ has resulted in almost 200 deaths in a span of 6 days, 80% of those died being Palestinian civilians. Terming it as a masaccre of International Laws, Shah accused United Nations of deliberately acting as a mere spectator to the whole chain of attrocities being faced by palestinians in the hands of barbaric Israel forces. Shah rubbished Israel’s cliam of fighting with Palestinian terrorists and lashed out at Israel for killing innocents which include kids, women and old-aged people.

Shah accused United Nations and United States of conspiracy involving a clear intention to bombard whole palestine firing from the shoulders of Israel who is foreseen to be the foremost benefeciary of this devastation.

Shah stated that Israel forces are targetting Charitable institutions and this is a case of extreme human-rights violation but surprisingly no one has been launched at any platform whatsoever to show the Israelis their place. Shah appealed to the S.A.A.R.C nations and their heads to show some spine with regard to categorically condemning Israel’s conduct.He stated that an emergency summit of S.A.A.R.C must be convened and certain resolutions must be passed and practically implemented pertaining to the continued aggression of Israel.

Shah emphasised upon the need to jointly condemn forces like ISIS and Israel who are in operation out of desires for riches and power. He also lambasted separatist forces and self-proclaimed torch-bearers of human-rights and accused them of criminal silence over this issue. Aqib Shah was flanked by party’s senior vice-president Shemaz Butt who also showed serious concern over rise of instances involving human-right violations across the globe.