Six LeT militants trying to crossover through Tawi in Jammu


Jammu July 3: Amid successive militant attacks on police and CRPF parties in the past weeks inputs of infiltration by Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) men have been confirmed by various agencies. Atleast six men of LeT are readily trying to infiltrate through passage routes along the rive Tawi that flows from Jammu and straight into Pakistan. These inputs have not come from just a singular agency but have been confirmed by multiple sources.

The river Tawi passes through Jammu city and flows into Pakistan from the Makwal border. There are speculations that Makwal is to be the next infiltration point and in the recent years, a surge in suspicious activity from across the border in Makwal has led to marathon search operations.

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Sources say that the militants have been readied to swim across deep waters and have been trained to hold their breath under water for long durations as well.

In the recent past, any type of para-gliding, parachute flying activities were also banned by DC Jammu in any area which fell within a kilometer of a security forces camp.